Life Clarity Reading

45 minutes // 60 Minutes ▲ Skype Video

Using my abilities of claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and mediumship, and with the assistance of tarot, I work with your Guides and Higher Self to provide you with divine insight for your journey. Whether you seek guidance in a specific situation or are curious about the general overview of your life, this reading can provide significant clarity and direction. At the end of your session and with your permission, I provide an extra few minutes of energy healing for your benefit. This is optional and does not take up time from your reading.

Rate: $55 // $95

Cold Case Reading

Case-by-case basis ▲ Skype Video / Phone / Email

Over the years I’ve helped countless families and law enforcement officials gain priceless insight and traction in cold cases where a person is missing or presumed to be deceased. Due to the level of psychic energy required to channel these victims, I only accept a handful of cases a year. The duration in which I assist varies from case to case. If you are looking for information about a missing person, a cold case or the circumstances surrounding a mysterious death, this is the reading for you.

Rate: Pro Bono

Photo Reading

15 Minutes // 30 Minutes ▲ Skype Video

With the ability to read energy remotely, I provide information about a person or place, simply by viewing a photo. This person or place can be from the present or past, just so long as the photo is clear. Clients who seek out this service usually have questions about someone they’re especially connected to, or a dwelling they suspect to be haunted. If there are any negative interactions surrounding the person or place in question, I will provide spiritual guidance for how to navigate it successfully.

Rate: $30 // $60

How to Book


Send me a message through my CONNECT page.


Once you decide on the session that fits your needs, I’ll send you a link for payment.


After payment is received, I’ll send you my available appointments 1-2 weeks out. Select the date and time that works best for you.