From as far back as she can remember, Molly knew that something was very "different" about how she related to the world around her.  She was able to intuit nearly impossible information about surrounding people and places, much to the amazement of others.  In addition to this, she could sense and see things that others could not.  A magnet for the strange, eerie and bizarre, Molly attempted to make sense of the other-worldly events she experienced by delving into literature about all things paranormal.  She studied everything from ESP, ghosts and demonology to elementals, extraterrestrials, and famous cryptids.  Eventually, her passion for the paranormal is what landed her a role on SyFy Original Series Killer Contact in which she traveled the world with a team of investigators visiting historically significant and purportedly haunted locations.  From the picturesque, cobblestone streets of Italy to the dangerous back roads of Romania — these adventures transformed her life in what seemed like an instant.  Since then, she's continued to explore the world.  She's scaled ancient Mayan ruins in the dead of night with nothing but a full moon lighting the way.  She's braved rainy, windy, freezing hilltops in Ireland to investigate claims of aggressive, demonic activity.  Crawling through the darkness of a Belizean cave, she's found herself dangerously perched atop a boulder with 100-foot drop-off's in every direction.  There's nowhere she won't go and nothing she won't do in her pursuit for the truth about our world and the universe we exist in.

With 14+ years of experience and over 100 paranormal investigations under her belt, Molly is a seasoned investigator with extensive experience using K2 meters, EMF detectors, dousing rods, REM Pods, night vision cameras, full spectrum cameras, thermal guns/cameras, recording devices, scanning devices, spirit boxes and more.  Tech-savvy and a fast learner, she never turns down an opportunity to use cutting-edge equipment.  A self-described "healthy skeptic," Molly believes science and common sense can oftentimes explain away perceived paranormal occurrences. With a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and experience in the paranormal as a mental medium, Molly brings a unique, down-to-earth, and holistic perspective rarely found in the field.    

Originally from San Francisco, Molly now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she is a legal professional and photographer.  Described as genuine, relatable, and fun-loving, she's not one to take herself too seriously and will do most anything for a good laugh.  Molly's greatest aptitude and passion continues to be authentically connecting with people from all walks of life, hearing their story, and sharing hers.  Her enthusiasm for life experiences, big and small, is undoubtedly contagious and the driving force behind the never-ending adventures she finds herself in.  In her free time, when Molly's not traveling or photographing, she's studying the metaphysical, planning her next excursion or enjoying the great outdoors with her horse and two pit bulls.